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Meet Our Donors

We thank all our planned-gift donors for their generous support. Here are some of their stories.

Marie McManus

Marie McManus

A Life Well Lived

Marie McManus was born in Canada, in 1922 and grew up during the Great Depression. She was raised primarily by her aunt, as her mother had several health issues and her father was, unfortunately, not in the picture. Marie eventually moved to Detroit, Michigan, as a teenager and lived with her maternal grandmother. After high school, Marie and a friend moved to Washington, DC, where she obtained a job as a secretary for the Indian Embassy.

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Randy Proctor

Creating a Lasting Legacy

It was in coming to the realization of the need for Diocesan priests that Randy and Ruth Proctor established the Randall and Ruth Proctor Endowment Fund in 1998. The Endowment gives annual support to the education and formation of Diocesan seminarians.

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Lt.Col., Charles Schwab, Ret. USMC

A lifetime of Giving and Service

Lt.Col., Charles Schwab, Ret. USMC (not the famous investment manager), has spent the majority of his life serving others. I recently sat down with Charlie and his wife Marie to discuss their charitable endowment and the wonderful impact it is having on Catholic education in Havelock.

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Charles "Chuck" and Mary Dean

A Pro-Life Legacy

Charles "Chuck" and Mary Dean have served the Church for almost 30 of their nearly 50 years of marriage in the area of pro-life education. Mary began her work with Birthright, and later she and Chuck became active volunteers for the local Chapter of the Society for Human Life.

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John Jack

A Life of Service and a Legacy of Love

It was said that legendary baseball player Ted Williams was the first to arrive at the ballpark and the last to leave. Even though Ted was one of the greatest who ever played the game, he never stopped trying to improve. One can use a similar analogy about John Jack, but John’s mission was a different ballgame.

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John and Frances Monk

Providing for Your Family and the Church

Frances Monk, the wife of John Monk, who was a parishioner of Our Lady of Guadalupe Catholic Church in Newton Grove, recently passed away. John and Frances were married for over 59 years. Shortly after her passing the parish was informed by a local bank that they were named the secondary beneficiary of Mr. Monk’s Retirement Account.

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Josephine Bannon

A Transformational Bequest

As family and friends gathered around the conference room table to share their memories, it soon became quite evident that Josephine Bannon was a very special person. Josephine Tavzelj Dunn Bannon was born in Pennsylvania in 1922 to Yugoslavian immigrants. A short time later her parents moved to Detroit, where she lived for almost the next 60 years.

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