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John Jack

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A Life of Service and a Legacy of Love

It was said that legendary baseball player Ted Williams was the first to arrive at the ballpark and the last to leave. Even though Ted was one of the greatest who ever played the game, he never stopped trying to improve. One can use a similar analogy about John Jack, but John’s mission was a different ballgame. Fellow Holy Family (Elizabeth City) parishioners said of John that he was usually the first to arrive at the church for Mass each morning and one of the last to leave. During his time at the parish, John volunteered as both parish engineer and handy-man, using his talents to keep the facility thriving for almost 20 years. His white Ford pickup truck was a fixture in the church parking lot each day, and was a welcome sight to all who knew him.

John Ambrose Jack was born in Port Clinton, Ohio, in 1935, during the Great Depression. He later joined the U.S. Navy where he served for 22 years, retiring as Boiler Tender Chief Master Petty Officer. After retirement, he worked as an engineer for nuclear power plants in both West Virginia and Virginia for 16 years. John was a faithful member of American Legion Post 288 until the day of his passing, in February of 2015.

John was preceded in death by his wife, Marie, in 2004. Marie was Jack’s best friend and confidant. They had a blessed marriage. He always kept a photo of her in his wallet to have it ready to show off as often as possible, both before and after Marie passed away. In addition to being a faithful steward of his time and talents, John was also a trusted steward of his financial resources. He wanted to assure that his service to the church he loved so much would not cease even after his passing. John structured his estate plan to support the institutions that helped him become the great man was.

Jack was intentional about his estate planning. Most importantly, he took the necessary steps to assure that his plan came to fruition. He met with an estate planning attorney and conveyed his intentions. In turn, the Estate Planning Attorney advised him in the most effective ways to pass on each particular asset to charity. John’s foresight and planning allowed him to leave three significant gifts to the organizations that had the greatest impact on his life. John transferred some of his assets by way of a beneficiary designation (retirement plan, commercial annuities, life insurance policies) and other assets he transferred through his will. John was a blessing to all those who knew him. John understood how important the sacraments were to sustaining his life of charity and service to others. He worked hard to make sure others had that same opportunity. He made a great impact during his life and left a great legacy after his passing.

If you would like to learn more about creating an estate plan that provides for you, your loved ones, and your favorite charities, please contact Ryan Flood, Director of Special Gifts for the Diocese of Raleigh. His promise to you is careful listening, attention to your best interest, solutions that reflect your values and priorities and professional expertise. Ryan can be reached at ryan. or you may call him directly at 919-821-9774.

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